Empower Communities to Help Create the Free & Open Web

Mozilla supports community members to become heroes of the Web — the parents, leaders and mentors who are best-positioned to mobilize their communities and engage those who are not represented at events such as MozFest.

Community Champion Fellowship

The Hive Community Champion Fellowships brings together passionate parents and community leaders to learn, teach, and share innovative emerging technology work in their neighborhoods over 10 months of project work. Learn more.

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What's going on in my city?

Hive Learning Networks and Learning Communities are located in 9 cities around the world. Through the Hive, organizations collaborate on youth programming initiatives focused on the Connected Learning principles, as well as digital media and learning.

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We need to hear from you! How are you engaging parents and community members already? How would a Community Champion Fellow help you? Complete our survey to give us feedback on this seed solution for increasing engagement with people that we want to reach.

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